Spicy Oregano Flowers

Spicy Oregano Flowers

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Origanum Vulgare Hirtum flowers.
Organic & Naturally Dried.

No artificial coloring, no conservatives, no preservative.
100% Organic – Limited Editions.

Produced by blueyellow

Content: 18 gr

Prepared: Oct 8, 2018
Fresh Until: Apr 8, 2019

Batch Units: 34

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Product Description:

Origanum Vulgare Hirtum flowers


Oregano is an herb that derives its name from the two Greek word meaning “the joy of the mountain” This herb is a hardy member of the mint family. Robust in flavor, very savory, earthy, somewhat lemony and with a pungent flavor. Its one of the few herbs that when flowering, its flavor is at its best and when dried is stronger than fresh.


Product Uses:

Oregano is used in both Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine. Its a classic choice for dishes such as tomato, sauces, pizzas, pasta, stews and meats (roast beef, lamb, chicken and pork) But don’t miss it with vegetable (eggplants, artichokes, fennel, onion, squash) cheeses such as blue cheese  and shellfish.

Traditionally used to treat respiratory issues, treating menstrual cramping and for antimicrobial activities this herbs is great for teas. Pour boiling water over a tablespoon of oregano and steep for 5 to 10 minutes.


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