Lovage Salt

Lovage Salt


- Levisticum Officinale
- Salt Fine

No artificial coloring, no conservatives, no preservative.
100% Organic – Limited Editions.

Produced by blueyellow

Content: 50 gr

Prepared: Oct 27, 2018
Fresh Until: Apr 27, 2019

Batch Units: 32

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Product Description:



Lovage is a hardy perennial herb, member of the Umbelliferae family which includes carrots, dill, parsnips, fennel, parsley and of course celery. It’s a plant native to western Asia and the Mediterranean. Admired for its culinary properties, it has a strong taste and odor similar to a cross between celery and parsley with a hint of anniseed and curry. Also known for its medicinal properties, helping from rheumatism to sore throats and indigestion.


Product Uses:

This salt goes very well with lots of food such as seafood, potato, chicken, pork, bread, beans and rice or to flavor stock and soups. Pairs beautifully with eggs (scrambled, frittata, omelet) corn, cheese and of course tomato. This lovage salts screams to be added in your next bloody mary nor tomato juice.

Hopefully this will be one of your secret ingredients in your dishes.


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