Holy Basil Vinegar

Holy Basil Vinegar


- Ocimum sanctum
- Apple Cider Vinegar

No artificial coloring, no conservatives, no preservative.
100% Organic – Limited Editions.

Produced by blueyellow

Content: 125 ml

Prepared: Oct 5, 2018
Fresh Until: May 5, 2019

*Keep in a cool and dry place.

Batch Units: 30

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Product Description:



Holy Basil is the pillar of holistic herbal medicine and a goddess incarnated in plant form (the mother medicine of nature). This ayurvedic plant, also known as tulsi, has a very particular flavor, between peppermint, clove, licorice and lemon.
It has become a legendary part of Hindu culture possessing a wide range of impressive health and psyco-spiritual benefits, restoring balance and harmony in the mind, body and spirit, supports a healthy response to stress.


Product Uses:

Vinegar can be a simple condiment, an ingredient for pickling or an every day use effective remedy. The holy basil vinegar is a spiced adaptogenic tonic. You can use it in any recipes you usually use vinegar such as salads, beans, rice, vinaigrettes. Is great to add to marinade, drizzle over fish, roasted vegetables, soups and stews.

You can mix it with sparkling water, club soda, soda water, seltzer, for a spicy basil soda like treat. If you’d like a little alcohol you can add a splash to your liquor or white or rose wine. Vinegar added to your sparkling wine or champagne is delicious too.

Alternatively because its made with apple cider vinegar its also suitable for hair rinse and facial toner.


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